Live Mobile Location & GPS Coordinates Download

Live Mobile Location is an amazing app to find their current location.

Live Mobile Location is an amazing app for all Android users to know their current location. They can easily check their live location with just one click.

Using this live mobile location, everyone can easily find their live mobile address on the map and can also share their locations with just one click.

Wherever you travel you can easily check your live address or current location and share it with friends.

This app can identify your current location / cell location and will show it only once on MAP. It will not store your location.
By using this app you can find your mobile address location. This will reveal the full address.

This application requires your mobile GPS so that you can search your live location / current location and display your current address.

This application can be used as a GPS address locator. This means that you can find the GPS address.

By using places near me you may be able to check out restaurants in nearby hospitals, etc.

By using GPS coordinates you are able to check latitude and longitude of any location.

You can check the shortest distance between any two locations using the GPS route finder.

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